What is LeboALERT?

LeboALERT is a free non-emergency notification service that keeps subscribers informed of services, programs and events.

What types of alerts will be sent?

You can choose from a list of categories to learn about community events, weather cancellations, traffic delays or changes in municipal services such as trash or leaf pickup.

What is the cost?

LeboALERT is free; however your cell phone carrier may charge you for messages received. Mt. Lebanon DOES NOT assume any responsibility for costs you incur from your provider.

What happens during emergencies?

In the case of a potentially life-threatening emergency, all affected Mt. Lebanon residents who have a landline phone will automatically receive a message on the home phone from from Mt. Lebanon’s emergency management team. The message will inform you about the situation and tell you what to do and where to go for more information. You do NOT need to subscribe to LeboALERT to receive emergency notifications. If you receive an emergency alert, please do NOT call 911 for more information. More information is posted at ​ www.mtlebanon.org as staffing permits. We also will make every effort to have current information on Comcast cable channel 17 and Verizon Fios channel 34.

What if I decide I no longer want to receive LeboALERTS?

What if I no longer want to hear about a particular category or I wish to receive information on other topics? You can change your options as often as you like. Simply sign on to LeboALERT, select the options you want and unselect the options you wish to cancel.

How do I keep alerts from going to my spam or junk mail folder?

Add “​ noreply@mtlebanon.org​ ” to your “safe” list. Or retrieve an alert from your junk/spam folder and mark it “not junk” or “not spam.”